Sustaining our Customers through thick and thin!

Help customers

Bruce Springsteen once said “It demands a consistency of thought, of purpose and of action over a long period of time”. Bruce understood what it took to achieve stardom… he was not a “one day wonder”.

So let me share with you a secret ingredient to making your customers happy!

Consistency is one of the keys to delighting our customers – especially in this day and age when people complain about shoddy and disrespectful service.

We really are as good as the last great experience we give to our customer.

Cultivating a feeling of trust with the customer is one of the biggest drivers of satisfaction – keeping our promise to call them back – so simple but how many people follow through? Consistency should build relationships, which in turn will bring the customer back time and time again. It will build and reinforce the company brand and create long term business.

Communication goes a long way in letting the customer understand every step in the process you are dealing with. Deliver what you say you are going to deliver and you will have your customers smiling.

When a negative experience happens, communicate and be consistent with your interaction – that removes anxiety from the customer – they will feel they are in good hands and once again reinforcing a great experience.

Commit yourself to giving your customers consistency at every point of contact.


July 2014