More than ever, professionals today must work closely with more people than ever before.  Getting results is a challenge especially when the team is diverse.  As a team member, it’s about satisfying your customers (internal and external), ensuring that deadlines are met and that results meet certain standards.

So how can we develop team members who are motivated to be productive, be inspired and change key behaviours which will not only create a happy team but impact positively on the bottom line.

Here are a couple of guide lines that may help the managers and supervisors.

I believe the number one key is getting to know your people and what they find rewarding in their job. Spending time with each team member – make sure your expectations of one another are clear and concise – share goals and how you are going to achieve them.

Give your team feedback.  Let them know how they are doing.  Positive feedback means they should continue what they are doing  and correcting mistakes immediately rather than exploding when it has a negative impact on all the team and the bottom line.

Rewarding successful performance and this can be different for the various team members. Encourage your team at meetings.

Be enthusiastic as a leader – this is catching and could change the dynamics of maybe a grumpy staff member – especially on a Monday morning!

Creating team values is a wonderful way of getting your staff to buy in to a set of behaviours that is acceptable and motivational.  Remember to ensure these fit in with the company values. A couple of examples of good values could be: honesty, being truthful with one another no matter what. Quality – each person striving to achieve the best results. Friendliness – building positive relationships with one another and smiling. Thoroughness – seeing each task through to the end, being reliable and concise.

Be a winning team in 2015!  Wishing you much success and happiness as a team.