A big thank you to the HR team for the opportunity we had as supervisors to take part in the high impact communication training for leader with Futuristic Development. I went into the training with an open mind, willingness to change and as a result I was awarded (voted) as perseverance, “outstanding development in High Impact Communication Training for Leaders” which boosted my confidence as well.
Throughout the training…
The programme was informative, inspirational and empowering.
The skills that I have acquired from the training have made it easy for me to understand and manage my role on the work place and on a personal level.
Throughout the training I learnt different techniques of handling controversial issues.

Points that I have developed on are:
• Emotional intelligence in business
• Understanding my fear
• Speaking and listening techniques
• Breaking though the barriers.

I trust that it does not end with us. I am of the opinion that everyone is a leader in their own way. It’s training like these that bring out the best in people with the right attitude.

Moraila Prince, UPD – Distribution Inventory Supervisor