Hello Marilyn

Thank you to both you and Greg for you first-rate input into Sanlam Health’s Client Relations team. Our staff found the various sessions to be insightful and they felt strong connections to both of you as their educators.

Our investment in the High Performance Customer Care programme has produced the following positive results:

  • A happier more cohesive team has been built through a better understanding of, and knowledge of one another.
  • Individual confidence has been boosted through self-growth
  • Staff have improved their customer interactions through improved communication methods
  • Staff are accountability for their attitudes as they now understand that they are in control
  • Staff show a desire to become more engaged and are busy arranging a team building event
  • Staff have been equipped with useful tools to understand and assist many different types of customers and are more confident to deal with conflict situations

Your impact has been noticed and so appreciated!
Kind regards
Cathy Hopf
Senior Manager Operations
Sanlam Healthcare Management