Dear Marilyn
It is my pleasure to recommend Futuristic Training as a training services provider to any existing or prospective customers.
We have engaged with Marilyn and her team across at least 3 different levels of training and without fail, our feedback on the content, delivery and general management process has been excellent and to the benefit of our staff, both individually and as teams. A recent example I was personally exposed to was the emotional intelligence training. As a team we have a mix of people with diverse strengths, weaknesses and a wide range of experience, with a few of us working in distribution for over 20 years. Throughout the programme we were challenged learnt new skills that I am convinced will help us be a better company. Marilyn was able to challenge us as a team and used her knowledge of our industry to make the content relevant and meaningful.
Our recent supervisory training module was also a success, and I was blown away by the confidence of the colleagues delivering their final presentation to the exco members. Many of these individuals showed marked development between just the start and end of the course and cited the course as the single highest impact training they have ever received.

I have no hesitation recommending Marilyn and her team/associates to any organisations and we continue to roll out programmes with the Futuristic Group.

Iā€™d also be happy to answer specific questions anyone may have.


Pierre Spies ā€“ Joint CEO of Pinnacle Holdings (formerly of AxizWorkgroup)