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Over the past 3 years JDG Insurance has partnered with Futuristic Training as a preferred training provider for specific developmental needs.
The management and executive teams have attended an Emotional Intelligence course provided by Futuristic Training, which has been specifically tailored to take the needs of JDG Insurance into consideration. The intervention focuses on leadership acumen that improves the skills necessary for influence, communication, negotiation, collaboration, and resolution of conflict thereby enhancing the collective managerial fulfillment of strategic business goals.

The operational employees within the organisation are in the process of completing High Performance Customer Care training over the months of March and April. This accredited training intervention focuses on the achievement of performance and deliverables while enhancing interpersonal skills. The themes which include aspects such as positive attitude, listening and communication skills, conflict management and resolution, self-management, and diversity enable employees to grow and develop in both their working and personal lives.

The method of training was well-received and allowed for an interactive learning experience filled with not only skills and knowledge but also fun and laughter. The personal touch and boundless efforts of the facilitators can evidently be seen by the transfer of knowledge into the workplace. This has positively impacted our business through improved team collaboration, customer focus, and overall positivity and has enabled the team to enhance individual skills while achieving common goals.

I would highly recommend Futuristic Training as a training provider to build and enhance individual skills enabling high performance culture within any organisation.

Shehnaz Moola – HR Manager

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