My Name is Brandon Lindenberg and I head up the training and development department for our business. I am writing in support of Futuristic Training & Development based on the awesome journey that we experienced whilst on training.
Myself and a group of managers attended the High Impact Communication Training for Leaders course a few years ago with the aim of becoming better leaders. During my journey I came to the realization that there are many things we take for granted such as how we :
Understand who you are [ can you really understand someone else if you don’t understand “you”? ] Communicate [ We understand what we want but does others, and how do we get them to. Do different people have different communication requirements ?] Listen [ Do we listen to respond or listen to understand ] Control our Emotions [ The brain has many powerful functions but do we know how and when to use it ] Solve problems [ Is there only one way of getting to your destination or can others contribute by acting as your GPS on your journey? ] My company sending on this training gave me an opportunity to learn , explore and be moulded into a person way beyond I thought I could be.
This was a life changing experience for me and the learning can be applied in your everyday life. Whether it is your work , personal or social life, you are still dealing with people .
I have recommended that we keep the programme running within our organisation and even introduced the High Performance Customer Care Module within our business. Thus far we have sent over 30% of our organization on the training respectively. We have maintained a good and healthy relationship with Futuristic Training & Development and have made them part of our long term strategic plan.

As the the HR Director of Digital Planet, I have worked closely with Futuristic Training & Development over the last 3 years. Their service is always professional and the training is of the highest quality.
Marilyn and her team take a personal interest in each and every person who attends the training and I have seen amazing results with their unique approach. Every employee who has attended a Futuristic Training & Development has left with a greater understanding of themselves and improved both personally and
professionally. Futuristic is more than a just a training service provider, they strive to integrate into the business as a support structure which drives positive outcomes.
I highly recommend the use of their services.

Brandon Lindenberg – Training & Development Manager