Dear Sir/Madam
BMW Financial Services has engaged the services of Futuristic Training to build on existing Customer Service for our Joint Customer Interaction Centre.

With the above in mind Marilyn Overend presented the “High Performance Customer Care” course to all the customer facing staff at BMW Financial Services. Specific focus was placed on understanding customers, team work, communication, personal performance assessments, understanding different generations and offerings, which enable employees to grow and develop in both their work and personal environments.

The above training accentuated the achievement of performance and deliverables while enhancing interpersonal skills.

The method of training used allowed for lots of fun and laughter while at the same time still driving pertinent points across to the staff through interactive learning.

Without a doubt, this training has had a positive impact on all the attendees and results can be evidently seen in the transfer of knowledge in the workplace.

As a follow-up to the successful “High Performance Customer Care” Futuristic Training tailor-made a “Team Excellence” training course specifically dealing with conflict in the workplace and further enhancing the team-work module.

This was positively received by all attendees and helped them to identify areas of improvement within themselves (self-realisation) in order to make the team work more effectively.

Based on the above, we would recommend Futuristic Training for all personalised as well as general customer Care training, as it would equip individuals with the necessary skill-set required to enhance their performance in their personal and work related environments.

Yours faithfully

BMW Financial Services (South Africa)(Pty) Ltd

Cherly McCrea-Phillips – General Manager: Human Resources