Futuristic Training & Development

At Futuristic Training & Development, we believe that giving back to the community is a vital aspect of any business. Ultimately, all is connected and in order to receive, the fundamental universal laws teach us that we must also give. We want caring choices we have made today, to have a long term positive impact on those we have reached out to.

We have been involved in numerous social responsibilities since our company’s inception from Operation Jingle Bells which delivered more than 400 Christmas gifts to children in the White River communities to our most recent support of S.O.S. Children’s Villages. Not forgetting our canine friends, we also pulled up our sleeves and volunteered to help roll out new grass in all the dog runs.

“Customer Service is not a department, it’s an Attitude”

Pink Trees for Pauline

Our most recent involvement was for the Pink Trees for Pauline initiative which is a non-profit company which proclaims life after and during cancer. The aim of the Pink Trees for Pauline initiative is to create a lingering vision in a variety of communities, including Lonehill, hopefully affecting the hearts and minds of everyone involved.

One of Futuristic Training’s latest supported charities is Sea Rescue. Our support means that they perform rescues quicker and more efficiently. This can make the difference between life and death for not only the people that they rescue, but also for their brave volunteer crew members too.

Please see some recent photos taken below. Click on a photo to view the enlarged format.