Excellence in Sales

Maximising your Sales Excellence is only possible with Sales Training

Learn effective and practical techniques to improve your powers of persuasion, build mutually rewarding, win-win relationships with customers and improve your ability to reach sales targets – thus increase profitability.

Your sales force is really the life blood of the organisation. Guess what single, personal proficiency will most determine your entire level of achievement throughout life? Two thousand eight hundred top business leaders replied “your ability to sell yourself and your ideas!”


Role plays, case studies, interactive workshops, experiential learning, support videos, practical problem solving techniques.


Develop & prepare effective planning for any point of contact during the sales cycle; understand and identify client’s requirements; power tips to handle real life situations; effective questioning techniques, increased sales for profitability; higher lever of motivation, dealing with and overcoming objections; demonstrating reliability and consistency in personal performance.

Outline of Programme:
  • What constitutes a good sale
  • The sales cycle
  • Motivating to understand through the funnelling concept
  • Type of questions and their effect on the customer
  • Understanding non-verbal communication
  • Psychology behind the use of words
  • Developing your competitive edge
  • Optimising what your business has to offer through features & benefits
  • Dealing with the price issue
  • Seeing objections as new opportunities
Duration Options:

7 weeks – 7 modules, one module per week for 3 ½ hours or alternatively 4 days, one day per week
Group Size:
Minimum 8; Maximum 16 delegates