Prevue Psychometric Testing

Why Assessments?

This can be expensive to all involved, the candidate who doesn’t fit in, the organisation and the hiring manager – whose judgement is now questioned. The cost of bringing the wrong person on board is sometimes huge. With the aid of assessment tools, this subjective decision making process can be avoided, focusing your decision on the fundamental question – is the person suitably matched to the job at hand.

Whether using assessment tools as a recruitment and selection tool, identifying training objectives, measuring resilience to stress, identifying leadership style or choosing a career, the technology exists to assist you in this critical decision making process.


By means of administering a quick online Psychometric assessment, we are able to determine what your candidate/employee’s abilities, interests and personality type are. Based on this information, we are able to match them to your job criteria (benchmark) to establish areas of mismatch, evaluating potential as well as company culture fit.

Applications Include:

  • Selection and recruitment
  • Personal development
  • Succession planning
  • Performance appraisals
  • Career guidance
  • Coaching


Constructing a benchmark for your positions enables us to determine what the key criteria for each job are. This is a critical function for matching new candidates against as well as in identifying areas of development for existing employees. Benchmarking is an automated, quick, online process and is easily achieved by means of:

  • Having your managers complete an online questionnaire
  • Assessing your top & bottom performers in the position


Testing & benchmarking is facilitated by one of our qualified consultants & overseen by our panel of supervising Industrial Psychologists.

Further Information

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