Mentoring Programmes

Mentoring Workshops and Training

Designed to prepare both your Mentors and Mentees for a mutually beneficial and rewarding Mentoring experience, as well as your organisation’s Mentoring co-ordinator. Available in either 1 or 2 day formats.

Structured Mentoring Programs

Our continued experience and research from many sources, such as our valued clients, recruitment specialists, the public press, TV and the general business media, points to the fact that a great percentage of today’s general staff and even junior management and graduates, simply do not have the organisational competencies required to participate and perform effectively in their jobs.

Low productivity, low team morale and high staff turnover statistics are clear indicators that we are not getting this right, across a broad spectrum of organisations in South Africa. Tragically, many organisations remain focused on the “sheep dip” style of “one size fits all” training and development and the unique, individual needs of people and their jobs are seldom effectively addressed.

The Mentor’s Forum™

The Mentors Forum™ is designed to cater for all sizes of Mentoring initiatives, from large groups and organisation wide Mentor pools, to smaller groups of specialised Mentoring experts and even individual Mentors. Each solution is tailored specifically to suit your specific needs. Contact us with your needs or if you would like more information.

InterMENTORing Consulting and Support

Mentoring for Success™ provides a unique, full consultancy back-up and support service, to both Mentoring for Success™ program clients, as well as clients requiring professional and experienced support for their own Mentoring programs.

Experience has shown us that, notwithstanding the best attempts by organisations to create productive Mentoring environments, most Mentors and Mentees find significant value in the process of “one-to-one” sessions, with an unbiased and competent Master Mentor, or Coach, who can provide insights and solutions that are often not possible from internal sources.

The InterMENTORing Consulting and Support service extends to assisting clients with the design and deployment of company specific Mentoring programs as well as using any number of the many combinations of Mentoring products, programs and solutions that we have to offer you.

Mentoring Presentations and Conferences

Many organisations like to add value to their conferences and key event days with a motivating presentation and overview of the benefits of structured Mentoring.
Mentoring Products & Tools

If you are looking for products, or new ways to support your Mentoring initiatives, then we have the products and solutions for you.