ILM72 is designed to provide an insight into the leadership style of a person. The six specific scales linked and integrated in most leadership models PLUS 3 Global factors.

Six Specific Scales:
  • Task vs Person
  • Flexible vs Dogmatic
  • De-centralised vs Centralised
  • Reward vs Punishment
  • The Means vs The End
  • Structured vs Organic
Three Global Factors:
  • Determination to deliver
  • Individual cohesion
  • Team Work

The Reports

The Software immediately generates 5 reports, all carrying careful instructions for your relevant application:

  • Developmental Report
  • Coaching Report
  • Assessment Report
  • Organisational Development Report
  • Distance Travelled Report
  • Installation and Use

ILM72 is available in a fully on-line format. This enables clients to set up and complete assessments on-line. Reports are generated and stored on-line. Administration can therefore be handled remotely and reports can be emailed anywhere in the world.
The Result

Assess individual style

Identify where and how leadership style may be developed for a given situation.
Enable identification of key skills and competencies.
Guide individuals and organisations to reflect on leadership and how it can be effective for them.