The Futuristic Team

Futuristic Training & Development is committed to the delivery of Premium products and services to a national network of premier Clients in diverse industries both in South Africa and internationally. We develop consultative working relationships with our Clients in order to develop and grow their businesses both internally and externally.

Our team comprises of members who are like-minded in terms of Client focus, in-depth product knowledge, positive activity to maximise profitability, increase market share, enhance brand and maintain a culture of independence and success. All of our educators are required to maintain the highest ethical standards in ensuring that the group’s business practices are conducted in an appropriate manner.

Futuristic Training Educators

Marilyn Overend

Partner & Educator

Specialist trainer Marilyn Overend has been at the cutting edge of leadership development for the last 25 years. Her programmes are the result of 18 years of hands-on experience and research.

Her philosophy is the fulfilment of training objectives for all parties, within the framework of honesty and integrity. Her expertise include soft skills, motivational speaking, micro-profiling and various training initiatives that enhances existing services offered.

Greg Overend

Facilitator & Assessor

With 14 years experience as a soft skills facilitator and assessor, Greg has the ability to engage with delegates on a level that creates a learning environment in which they can shine, and demonstrate service and leadership behaviours in all aspects of their lives.

Greg has had the privilege of facilitating training programs in almost every industry in South Africa.

“The true test of a business’ customer service effort is not when things are going right – but rather what is done when things going wrong.” – Steve Ferrante