Prevue Assessment

It has been said that hiring a person is like buying a new house. You decide in the first 4 minutes on an emotional basis, then spend the rest of the interview (house tour) rationalizing what you emotionally decided to do anyway… Why Assessments? This can be expensive to all involved, the candidate who doesn’t fit in, the organisation and the hiring manager – whose judgement is now questioned.

The cost of bringing the wrong person on board is sometimes huge… With the aid of assessment tools, this subjective decision making process can be avoided, focusing your decision on the fundamental question – is the person suitably matched to the job at hand.

Whether using assessment tools as a recruitment and selection tool, identifying training objectives, measuring resilience to stress, identifying leadership style or choosing a career, the technology exists to assist you in this critical decision making process.

Mentoring 4 Success

Mentoring for Success is your complete solution provider for all mentoring requirements, from short mentoring workshops to year long structured mentoring programs, mentoring forums, mentoring process consulting and support and mentoring presentations and conferences.

A critical factor in any sustainable mentoring programme is the effective training of mentors. Significant experience shows that only formal, well structured and outcomes based mentoring programs work. Mentors often require both professional as well as peer support to participate with confidence and commitment to mentoring relationships.

Many organisations like to add value to their conferences and key events with a motivating presentation and overview of the benefits of structured mentoring. Through Futuristic Training and Development, a range of products and solutions are made available to you for new ways to support mentoring initiatives.

The Learning Revolution

Learning is far too important not to be taken seriously. We ensure the transfer of knowledge back into the workplace. All training modules are practical, enabling the delegate to learn and experience simultaneously. We use role-plays, case studies, games and gadgets, along with visual presentation, to escalate growth . . . after all, there is no learning without laughter.

Business documents are the personality of any organisation. We need to ensure that we are delivering the message to our target audience using a friendly tone, genuine enthusiasm and energy. Writing business documents can prove challenging in today’s business environment. Being aware of the most acceptable Business English principles will ensure that all documents are written competently and sensitively. Become confident and professional with effective and practical writing skills.

Akukhanya Educational Consulting

Akukhanya Educational Consulting’s core business is English Communication and Numeracy Life Skills in the field of Adult Education & Training (AET – previously known as ABET), as well as the Foundational Learning Competence (FLC). These training programmes cover all facets of the training, namely:

AET Pre-Level 1 Pre Grade 1 Language/ Numeracy Skills
AET Level 1 Grade 1 – 3 Language/ Numeracy Skills
AET Level 2 Grade 4 – 5 Language/ Numeracy Skills
AET Level 3 Grade 6 – 7 Language/ Numeracy Skills
AET Level 4 Grade 8 – 9 Language/ Numeracy Skills
FLC Level 5 Grade 10 – 12 Language/ Numeracy Skills

The Akukhanya training has the language and/or numeracy skills at its core, but it includes a pre-training workshops with all the managers of the company for total buy in, as well as an orientation session with the candidate learners, at least once excursion and life skills experience per training cycle, exposure to film, dictionaries, atlas work, countries around the world and a lot of higher level thinking skills.

Akukhanya is proud of a very carefully developed training programme that takes its learners on a trip around the universe and world, with a lot of life skills, academic skills, reading books, posters and soft skills incorporated into the training. The training programme is fully supported by highly trained and professional facilitators, over 400 Pinterest boards, a dedicated website on countries of the world, weekly sms reminders to the learners, a weekly newsletter to all the managers and an audio support programme currently being developed, to be launched in September 2014. Every training contract is planned around the specific operational needs and constraints of the client, ensuring that it is a win-win situation for all involved.

Akukhanya is a Level 4, 100% B-BBEE compliant company, registered with the IEB and Umalusi. In other words, Akukhanya would carry a lot of weight on your B-BBEE scorecard, besides providing your staff with highly valuable training initiatives.