Diversity Workshops

Workplace diversity is essentially a human factor issue, focusing on the differences and similarities that people bring to an organisation.

Diversity is broadly defined to include aspects beyond those specified in equal opportunity or affirmative action statutes. It is a workplace culture that actually draws upon the talents of all – old and young, men and women, people of all colours, creeds, sexual orientations, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. As a concept, diversity is considered to be inclusive of everyone.

In many ways, diversity initiatives complement non-discrimination compliance programs by creating a workplace environment and organisational culture in which differences are capitalised on to enhance the operation and overall performance of the organisation. Diversity is about harnessing the advantages of diverse perspectives. This includes learning from others who are different, about dignity and respect for all, and about creating an organisational culture that encourages learning and growth. For many businesses, it is disappointing and unfortunate to note that diversity efforts have not made the progress that so many had hoped for since South Africa’s transition to a constitutional democracy.

Understanding why South African businesses and organizations in general have not made more progress in the field of diversity, is complex. But to optimize the impact of diversity, this enriching practice must be woven directly into the business’ strategies and management systems.

Diversity Training:

Learn effective interaction with different backgrounds, perceptions, corporate cultures, behaviours and beliefs. Develop enough common ground & mutual acceptance to collaboratively work together. Respect diversity, and to welcome the creativity and myriad results that multiculturalism offer. Valuing and understanding the complexities through Corporate Diversity Training.

Our workshop will cover being able to manage people in the organisation with respect and dignity. Understanding different styles, generations, skill sets, conflict, genders and living the company values, working with a variety of cultures and belief systems. We will explore ways to embrace and accept change to enhance relationships in the organisation.


Case studies, interactive workshops, experiential learning, language exploration, support videos, practical problem solving techniques.


  • A new respect & trust between the delegates on the group
  • Being committed to taking part in providing a workplace where equal treatment is a reality
  • Reserving judgement & re-evaluating pre-conceived ideas, mind-sets and stereotypes; as well as seeing the strengths in differences
  • Responding effectively when encountering individuals who are culturally different from ourselves
  • Capitalising on people’s different talents
  • Building trust and integrity rather than wallowing in issues and situations which lead to misunderstanding and distrust

Outline of Programme:

  • Developing cross cultural understanding and awareness
  • Appreciating the differences
  • Similarities and differences
  • Belief system analysis
  • Acceptance and respect
  • Building rapport and appreciation
  • Accepting behaviours
  • Embracing multiculturalism
  • Diverse managerial styles
  • Changing perceptions and impressions and thinking patterns
  • Understanding the legislation that is the foundation of equal opportunity
  • Being dedicated and committed to equal treatment
  • Capitalising on people’s different talents
  • Identifying & working through stereotypes & reclaim personal pride

Who should attend:

All staff members within an organisation – mixed and diverse to include all race groups and genders


Duration Options:

2 days.

Group Size:

Minimum 8; Maximum 18 delegates


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