High Performance Customer Care Training

Developing a Love and Understanding of Everyone, Anywhere, All of the Time. To create an overall understanding of the factors which influence positive implementation of inspired customer service! Increased productivity, effective communication, team-building, increased confidence and improved productivity. Futuristic Training’s High Impact Customer Care Training teaches individuals to develop respect for all people through positive and assertive communication.


Interactive workshops, role plays, case studies with assignments and feedback. Theoretical input, support videos together with experimental learning experiences.


Develop enthusiastic service attitudes. Awareness of customer styles and how we service them. Effective questioning techniques; getting commitment; understanding and identifying customer requirements; selling features and benefits thus increased productivity and sales. Creating memorable service experiences and ongoing customer commitment.

Outline of Programme

The importance of service excellence Understanding the importance of points of contact and first impressions
DISC – Awareness of customer styles and how to service them Identifying what customers want & expect
Delivering beyond customer expectations Understanding how attitude and behaviours influence the customer
Knowing what we have to offer Optimising customer service by offering Choices, Features and Benefits
Setting agreed standards and objectives Persuasion & Influence – the ability to sell and obtain ongoing commitment
Understanding & developing customer potential Increasing sales and strengthening relationships through questioning, clarifying and listening
Effective handling of conflict and objections Understanding that quality activity equals enhanced personal and business growth

Duration Options

9 weeks = 9 modules, one module per week for 3 ½ hours or alternatively 4 days, one day per week

Group Size

Minimum 8; Maximum 12 delegates


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