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The Futuristic Group

Futuristic Group regard BEE as a holistic process designed to contribute directly to the development and transformation of South Africa and to bring about significant change in the economic growth, personal development and wealth creation for the country and the people.

“We hold the status of a BEE Level 2”

Within our company, we believe that by sharing the responsibility and allowing people to be flexible in their everyday work, we will assist them to be self-empowered and create even more wealth for themselves. We will be continually looking for opportunities to involve, train and develop more independent contractors that reflect the exciting racial and cultural diversity in our country.

Futuristic Group Partners

Kammy Naidoo

Kammy is a customer advocate at heart. She has a Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Business Administration and Legal Studies (University of Natal) as well as a Masters of Business Administration degree from the Gordon Institute of Business Science. She holds over 15 years’ professional experience in the financial sector, the majority of which was spent at a senior management level.

In 2011 she left the financial sector to provide services within the consulting field. In addition to consulting to the financial sector on issues relating to market conduct and customer experience, she has facilitated a range of strategic planning sessions for a number of local government clients. Her core focus currently is on successfully integrating regulatory requirements with customer experience benefits and ultimately meeting business needs

Marilyn Overend

Specialist trainer Marilyn Overend has been at the cutting edge of leadership development for the last 18 years. Her leadership communication programme is the result of 15 years hands-on experience and research.

Recognised for its merits and measurable outcomes by leading organisations and institutions, the intensive workshops have been successfully applied and tested with more than 5000 delegates, both in South Africa and across national borders.

“Want to keep a customer for life, shock them with a random act of kindness or exceptional customer service experience.” – Melonie Dodaro