Company Profile

Futuristic Training & Development is an organisation committed to “Taking Everyday People to Extra-Ordinary Heights!” Excellence in today’s highly competitive workplace demands more than a thorough knowledge of our specialist field! We are required to be highly adept in understanding people’s basic wants and behaviour in the workplace. A highly motivated workforce is vital for any organisation seeking to achieve excellent results. Gaining commitment, nurturing talent, increasing confidence levels and ensuring that people are motivated and productive – this, requires open communication and trust between management and staff!

The measure of a Leader today is how well they communicate – not so much what they communicate. Leadership is one of the most spoken about, yet least understood phenomena on earth. We believe that Leadership is vision, cheerleading, enthusiasm, love, trust, integrity, passion, consistency, creating heroes at all levels, coaching, mentoring, being there for each other and respecting people. Leadership should be present at all levels of any organisation.

The art of communication has always lain at the heart of effective management. Communicating with everyone – shareholders, colleagues, superiors, customers, the media, suppliers and people on the factory floor. It’s a skill that can be learned! We have had the privilege of training over 10 000 people from almost every industry, at all levels and diverse cultures.

Our programmes incorporate mastering the fundamentals of successful communication techniques enabling you to get the best out of the people who are responsible for getting the job done. We invite you to call or e-mail us and we will assist you in developing your most expensive resource. Thereby turning the “Potential” of people into “Potential” profit.