Business Writing

Business documents are the personality of any organisation. We need to ensure that we are delivering the message to our target audience using a friendly tone, genuine enthusiasm and energy. Writing business documents can prove challenging in today’s business environment. Being aware of the most acceptable Business English principles will ensure that all documents are written competently and sensitively. Become confident and professional with effective and practical writing skills.

Getting Started

Be an asset to your team. Acquire the skills to organise, draft, compose and edit your own work.

Looking at Language

Writing well is a matter of practice; the more write and analyse your own documents, the more confident you will feel.


The thread that holds the fabric of language together.

The Business Document

E-mail is an invaluable tool for keeping in touch with colleagues and clients.

Managing the Editing Process

Editing is often easier than creating the first draft.

Report Writing

If the principles of good report writing are applied, a document that is both interesting and informative can be created.

Proposals and Letters of Motivation

People buy feelings, yet most of us sell features, which are almost never effective in persuasive communication.