Who is Futuristic Training?

The Futuristic Group is a B-BBEE Level 2 company, continually involved in the training and development of individuals, thereby reflecting the dynamic racial and cultural diversity of South Africa.

We’re not just about skill, but fiercely passionate about authentic empowerment of individuals. That’s why investing in your staff with Futuristic Training is an experience that can holistically cure any company from the belief that diversity means separation. The bottom line? Well, it’s really all about your bottom-line and great improvements!


High Impact

High Impact Communication Training for Leaders to maximise and improve all relationships.

Customer Care

Customer Care Training – tailored to suit every department and business unit.

Diversity Training

Effective interaction and communication with all that is different and diverse!

You are embarking on the greatest adventure of your life: to improve your self image, to create more meaning in your life and the lives of those around you! This is your responsibility – accept it now!
– Dr Maxwell Maltz

My Name is Brandon Lindenberg and I head up the training and development department for our business. I am writing in support of Futuristic Training & Development based on the awesome journey that we experienced whilst on training.
Myself and a group of managers attended the High Impact Communication Training for Leaders course a few years ago with the aim of becoming better leaders. During my journey I came to the realization that there are many things we take for granted such as how we :

Understand who you are [ can you really understand someone else if you don’t understand “you”? ] Communicate [ We understand what we want but does others, and how do we get them to. Do different people have different communication requirements ?] Listen [ Do we listen to respond or listen to understand ] Control our Emotions [ The brain has many powerful functions but do we know how and when to use it ] Solve problems [ Is there only one way of getting to your destination or can others contribute by acting as your GPS on your journey? ] My company sending on this training gave me an opportunity to learn , explore and be moulded into a person way beyond I thought I could be.
This was a life changing experience for me and the learning can be applied in your everyday life. Whether it is your work , personal or social life, you are still dealing with people .
I have recommended that we keep the programme running within our organisation and even introduced the High Performance Customer Care Module within our business. Thus far we have sent over 30% of our organization on the training respectively. We have maintained a good and healthy relationship with Futuristic Training & Development and have made them part of our long term strategic plan.

As the the HR Director of Digital Planet, I have worked closely with Futuristic Training & Development over the last 3 years. Their service is always professional and the training is of the highest quality.
Marilyn and her team take a personal interest in each and every person who attends the training and I have seen amazing results with their unique approach. Every employee who has attended a Futuristic Training & Development has left with a greater understanding of themselves and improved both personally and
professionally. Futuristic is more than a just a training service provider, they strive to integrate into the business as a support structure which drives positive outcomes.
I highly recommend the use of their services.

Dear Marilyn

It is my pleasure to recommend Futuristic Training as a training services provider to any existing or prospective customers.
We have engaged with Marilyn and her team across at least 3 different levels of training and without fail, our feedback on the content, delivery and general management process has been excellent and to the benefit of our staff, both individually and as teams. A recent example I was personally exposed to was the emotional intelligence training. As a team we have a mix of people with diverse strengths, weaknesses and a wide range of experience, with a few of us working in distribution for over 20 years. Throughout the programme we were challenged learnt new skills that I am convinced will help us be a better company. Marilyn was able to challenge us as a team and used her knowledge of our industry to make the content relevant and meaningful.
Our recent supervisory training module was also a success, and I was blown away by the confidence of the colleagues delivering their final presentation to the exco members. Many of these individuals showed marked development between just the start and end of the course and cited the course as the single highest impact training they have ever received.

I have no hesitation recommending Marilyn and her team/associates to any organisations and we continue to roll out programmes with the Futuristic Group.

I’d also be happy to answer specific questions anyone may have.


A big thank you to the HR team for the opportunity we had as supervisors to take part in the high impact communication training for leader with Futuristic Development. I went into the training with an open mind, willingness to change and as a result I was awarded (voted) as perseverance, “outstanding development in High Impact Communication Training for Leaders” which boosted my confidence as well.

Throughout the training…
The programme was informative, inspirational and empowering.
The skills that I have acquired from the training have made it easy for me to understand and manage my role on the work place and on a personal level.
Throughout the training I learnt different techniques of handling controversial issues.

Points that I have developed on are:
• Emotional intelligence in business
• Understanding my fear
• Speaking and listening techniques
• Breaking though the barriers.

I trust that it does not end with us. I am of the opinion that everyone is a leader in their own way. It’s training like these that bring out the best in people with the right attitude.

Moraila Prince, UPD - Distribution Inventory Supervisor
Dear Sir/Madam

BMW Financial Services has engaged the services of Futuristic Training to build on existing Customer Service for our Joint Customer Interaction Centre.

With the above in mind Marilyn Overend presented the “High Performance Customer Care” course to all the customer facing staff at BMW Financial Services. Specific focus was placed on understanding customers, team work, communication, personal performance assessments, understanding different generations and offerings, which enable employees to grow and develop in both their work and personal environments.

The above training accentuated the achievement of performance and deliverables while enhancing interpersonal skills.

The method of training used allowed for lots of fun and laughter while at the same time still driving pertinent points across to the staff through interactive learning.

Without a doubt, this training has had a positive impact on all the attendees and results can be evidently seen in the transfer of knowledge in the workplace.

As a follow-up to the successful “High Performance Customer Care” Futuristic Training tailor-made a “Team Excellence” training course specifically dealing with conflict in the workplace and further enhancing the team-work module.

This was positively received by all attendees and helped them to identify areas of improvement within themselves (self-realisation) in order to make the team work more effectively.

Based on the above, we would recommend Futuristic Training for all personalised as well as general customer Care training, as it would equip individuals with the necessary skill-set required to enhance their performance in their personal and work related environments.

Yours faithfully

BWM Financial Services (South Africa)(Pty) Ltd

Thank you to both you and Greg for you first-rate input into Sanlam Health’s Client Relations team. Our staff found the various sessions to be insightful and they felt strong connections to both of you as their educators.

Our investment in the High Performance Customer Care programme has produced the following positive results:

A happier more cohesive team has been built through a better understanding of, and knowledge of one another; Individual confidence has been boosted through self-growth
Staff have improved their customer interactions through improved communication methods; Staff are accountability for their attitudes as they now understand that they are in control; Staff show a desire to become more engaged and are busy arranging a team building event; Staff have been equipped with useful tools to understand and assist many different types of customers and are more confident to deal with conflict situations; Your impact has been noticed and so appreciated!

Sanlam Healthcare Management, Cathy Hopf – Senior Manager Operations